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Minutes from Carbondale. IL Board Meeting-February 7,2004

 President Doug Edwards called to order a Unit Board meeting on Saturday, Feb. 7. 2004, at Murphy.s Restaurant in Carbondale. Board Members Present: Doug Edwards, Tom Wynn, Dalton Darnell, Karen Coe. Roger Chitty, Jay Coleman, Joan Musgrave, John McCann, Ruby Nelson, Ray Sigler. Absent: Mike Ritchie Guest: Chris Shaw 

MINUTES: Motion by Jay Coleman, second by Karen Coe to approve the Robinson, IL, Minutes. Motion carried. 

FINANCIAL STATEMENT: The current financial statement was approved following a Motion by Jay Coleman, second by John McCann. 

CORRESPONDENCE: ACBL states that the Vandalia Duplicate Bridge Club is no longer sanctioned. The Mt. Vernon DBC is being managed by Gene Schuster (phone # 618-242-4942). It is an open game and meets on Monday night at 7:00 p.m. at the Elk's Club. 


A. It was noted that Jay Coleman stores the Unit's card tables and bidding boxesand transports these items to and from various Sectional Tournaments and our Regional Tournament. Dalton Darnell made a Motion that any Sectional Tournament wanting Jay to transport tables for the tournament pay Jay $25.00 and also provides free plays for him. The Motion included paying a flat fee of $200.00 for Regional Tournaments and free plays. Dalton then amended the Motion to provide up to four days of free plays at Regional Tournaments. Seconded by Ray Sigler. Carried.

B. Tom Wynn reported that the Unit Web Site is fine.


A. 2004 Unit Goodwill Recipient-Will be decided at Gilbertsville meeting.

B. Election Games Schedule:

Tuesday, June I, Embser Bridge Club-Karen Coe's Term Ends 

Thursday, June 3, Paducah Duplicate Bridge Club-Dalton Darnell & ( Tom Wynn)

 Friday, June 4, Edwardsville Duplicate Bridge Club-Ruby Nelson

Friday, June 4, Robinson Duplicate Bridge Club-Jay Coleman 

Area 4-Mik: Ritchie's Term Ends-I will contact Kate Dickens for time and place of Election game.

C. Regional Tournament-

Doug stated that the Executive Inn had booked aFishing Convention during the same week as the Paducah Regional and that we can still use the playing area, but there are only 40-50 rooms available for the bridge players. Roger Chitty made the Motion to allow Doug, Tom, and Dalton to speak for the Board to determine the best solution for this matter. Seconded by Jay. Motion carried.

D. New Life Masters: Glenda Piek (will be given letter opener in Carbondale.)Stan Golab (present opener at Ky Darn)

E. Jay Coleman asked to be replaced as Unit reporter. Karen Coe agreed to become the Advocate writer. Motion by Roger Chitty, second by Tom Wynn. Carried. . Chris Shaw thanked the Board for recommending that he be the District 8 Educational Liaison. The meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.