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Unit 223

Standing Rules                                               Revised: Feb, 2002


1.      Between June 1 and June 15, Election Games will be held in Areas 1,2,3,4,and 5.  At this time, election of board members will be held in accordance with Unit By-Laws.  The exact date and place for the Election Game will be determined by the board members from each Area.

2.      The Unit Secretary will prepare an information packet for newly elected board members.  The packet will include Unit Board Members Names and Addresses; A unit Club Directory; A Unit Membership List; Unit By-Laws; Unit Standing Rules.

3.      In the event that the retiring Board President shall no longer be an elected member of said board, and in order that the Unit and all concerned may best benefit from his wisdom and experience be it hereby declared that the same shall be appointed to an honorary two year membership on the Board of Directors.

4.      When a Board Member is unable to attend a scheduled meeting, that board member may designate a substitute ACBL member from his/her area to attend the scheduled meeting in order to provide information continuity between the Unit and Area.  The substitute will not constitute attendance by the representative Board Member and will act as observer only.

5.      The Unit Treasurer will be bonded in the amount of $2,500.00

6.      The Secretary/Treasurer will be paid $150.00 per month

7.       Board Members attending Unit Board Meetings outside their area will be paid $25.00 travel expenses.  Any Board Member who so desires may donate the travel reimbursement to the Unit by informing the Secretary to that effect.

8.      Unit 223 District 8 board members attending District 8 meetings will receive $75.00 expense allowance per meeting attended.  Any Board Member who so desires may donate the travel reimbursement to the Unit by informing the Secretary to that effect.

9.      Board meeting meals will be paid for by the Unit.

10.  The Unit Advocate Editor will be paid $50.00 plus expenses for each edition of The Advocate edited.

11.  At Unit Regionals, entry fees and hotel expenses will be paid by the Unit for the District 8 President, District 8 National Board Member, and the National Executive Secretary.

12.  Unit tournaments will be given permanent names

13.  At this time, the Unit assesses no table fees at sectional tournaments.

14.   For all Regional Tournaments, STAC games, and NAOP games sanctioned by Unit 223, the tournament chairmen or event coordinator shall mail a copy of the Financial Statement, summary, or outline to the Unit Secretary/Treasurer within 30 days after event completion.  Each Regional Tournament report will include disposition of funds and the signature of the person or persons responsible for such funds on a continuing basis.

15.  Each year the McCord Traveling Trophy will be awarded to the unit 223 member who wins the most total points in the Unit 223 Sectional Tournaments.

16.   Mini-McKenny medallions issued by ACBL, will be awarded in the appropriate categories annually, and Certificates will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each category of the Mini-McKenny and the Ace of Clubs competitions.

17.  The Unit will present a gift to all new Life Masters in recognition of their accomplishment.

18.  A financial statement for the most recent year will be presented at the Annual Membership Meeting.

19.  Any permanent recurring action of the Unit Board will be added to these rules.

20.  The Standing Rules will be reviewed by the Board bi-annually or more often if necessary.