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Norm and Karen Koerner( the club director and manager) for the Vandalia ACBL game have recently moved from Vandalia to Springfield, Il.

Mike Ritchie was approached to become both manager and director of the ACBL sanction game (212449) in Vandalia and did so until January of this year.  The attendance at this game on Thursday evening had dropped to about 3 tables.  All but about 2 regular players were driving from Effingham ( 40 miles).

It voted to close this game and try to get something going in Effingham.

The Effingham Club game is on Wed evening under the ACBL Sanction #222059.  Kate Dickens is in charge of this club.  After consulting with her, we have decided to add a second game to this club on Thursday evenings.  The game will be located at the Effingham Park District Hendelmeyer Park building.  Game time is at 7:00 P.M.  The scheduled starting date is Thursday March 4,2004.  Mike Ritchie will be the Director.