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Unit 223

District 8


Minutes from Edwardsville, IL

July 30, 2004


President Doug Edwards called a Unit 223 Board meeting to order at 5:10 P.M. at Rustyís Restaurant in Edwardsville, IL.

Present:  Dalton Darnell, Karen Coe, Joan Musgrave, Jay Coleman, Mike Ritchie, Ruby Nelson, Ray Sigler, Doug Edwards, and guest Chris Shaw.

Absent: Tom Wynn, Roger Chitty, and John McCann


MINUTES: The Kentucky Dam Board meeting Minutes were approved on a Motion by Jay Coleman, second by Mike Ritchie. Motion carried.


FINANCIAL STATEMENT: It was noted that the 2004 Paducah Regional showed a profit in excess of $11,000.00. Mike Ritchie made the Motion to accept the current financial statement, second by Jay Coleman. Motion carried.



A.     The nominating committee that was appointed by President Edwards recommended that Dalton Darnell serve as President and Ray Sigler as Vice President. Jay Coleman moved that nominations close, second by Ruby Nelson. Motion carried.

Dalton stated that he would make every effort to call only three meetings the coming fiscal year. He also wishes to keep his regular seat on the District 8 Board and would like the Unit Board to select someone for the remaining seat. A Motion was made by Dalton that Doug Edwards be appointed and Jay Coleman to be reelected to the District 8 Board, second by Ray Sigler. Motion carried.

B.     Tom Wynn sent a letter concerning the Unitís web site. Because of the many advertisements on our web site, Tom recommends that we move to a pay site and he is asking for the boardís permission to get a paid web site. A Motion was made by Jay Coleman that Tom spend up to $12.00/month to provide a quality web site, second by Karen Coe. Motion carried.



A.      Dalton Darnell presented the 2005 Champagne Regional schedule that has been worked out with Rockford, IL. A Motion was made by Jay Coleman to accept the 2005 Regional Tournament schedule. Seconded by Mike Ritchie.  Motion carried.

B.       The annual Unit Membership meeting will be held in Paducah at the Irving Cobb Sectional at 7:00 p.m. The meeting will take place at the Cherry Civic Center.

C.      Chris Shaw, Unit Educational Chairman, reported that bridge youth from Carlinsville and Edwardsville participated in a bridge match in June. Chris is conducting a research project correlating kids test scores who play bridge with those kids who do not. Chris will be looking for improvements in cognitive, social, and math skills.  Chris stated that a learning bridge disk will soon be available from the ACBL Educational Foundation. 

Chris also wants to remind junior bridge players that there is a program which will pay a stipend of $350.00 plus a $500.00 scholarship to a young player who will teach 16 bridge lessons to his/her peers. Information and materials are available from the ACBL Educational Foundation.


D.      Committee Chairs for the Unit will remain the same except for Mike Ritchie who will be the new Charity Chairman.

E.       According to Dalton Darnell the cutback on expenditures that were decided on one year ago will be discussed at the next board meeting in Robinson, IL. Also, the Standing Rules were supposed to be revised in two years so that needs to be done.

F.       Jay Coleman reported that tournament sanctions had been done for the Unit.

G.      The Unit Secretary said that she had agreed to the $50.00/month for one year and that the year had ended. She said that she would be glad to continue as secretary/treasurer at the old rate of $100.00/month. Ruby Nelson said that she thought that was a reasonable request, however, Dalton Darnell stated that he had several people who had volunteered to serve as secretary/treasurer for no payment. The secretary said that he should get one of them.



            Since there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned.



                                    Minutes taken by Sandra Lemon, Secretary


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